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Retail Price : RM 150 (186 tablets)

What is missing in your multi?

Most multivitamins offer standard array of vitamins and minerals, but there is an all-important component missing – plant concentrates.

Plant concentrates, the natural materials and valuable phytonutrients derived from plants, play a major role in maintaining good health, especially in providing antioxidant benefits.

That’s why on top of 12 vitamins and 9 minerals, the Nutrilite Double X formulation also includes 17 plant concentrates. This is balance of nutrients has been finely calibrated to ensure our multi delivers optimum health benefits and, in addition to that, a broad antioxidant protection.

Nutrilite Double X contains the vitamins, minerals and plant concentrates to fill the nutritional gaps in your diet. It’s everything you need your multi to be.

Double X Multivitamin supplies :-
·           -   12 essential vitamins
·           -   9 essential minerals
·           -   12 different types of plant concentrates
Provide optimal amounts of vitamins, mineral and beneficial phytonutrients for nutritional insurance.
Double X Multivitamins contain Phytonutrient Plant Compound from 17 plant sources i.e. acerola cherry, alfalfa, citrus bioflavonoids, oregano, broccoli, apple, asparagus, cranberry, grape, kale, marigold, tomato, pomegranate, prune, rosemary, wild blueberry and sage.
Provide natural plant materials and valuable phytonutrients (plant compounds)
NUTRILOCK™ coating
Coating does not contain waxes or fillers, which enables supplement to quickly dissolve and the nutrients to be readily available. Also makes tablets easier to swallow.
No artificial preservatives, flavours or colours added.
Especially suitable for those who want to avoid synthetic additives. Convenient one-month supply; you can take it with you anywhere.
62 multivitamins tablets, 62 multimineral tablets, and 62 concentrate tablets per pack
Provide a solid foundation for any supplement programme.
Designed to be consumed two times per day with meals.
Two times per day provides two opportunities for your body to absorb the nutrients.
Vacuum sealed packaging.
Ensures product quality and intergrity.



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